Okay so I had 4 tacos today instead of my usual 3 and my stomach is about to explode ughhh. I look pregnant right now.

3 tacos is definitely my max….


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Oh my fucking god

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CultureSOUL: Alvin Ailey Dancers

In motion.

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gnarly-sheen dude those are the 7/16 I got from halluciniinja



Hey, guys! I cofounded Mesh, and it’s the first mainstream dating site to include queer, transgender, and non-binary as identification options. I think it’s pretty important that the community finds out about this, especially since other sites have ignored the demand for these options. We’re in pre-beta mode right now, but you can register using this link: https://www.meshbetter.com/pride Take a look around and let me know what you think! We’re always looking out for suggestions.

!! Still in pre-beta mode and just for NY so far, but still!

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